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English LR 2 stroke kit

How to mount LR-2 stroke kit

Step 1:

Remove muffler, plastics, radiators, airbox etc. (picture 4)


Step 2:

Take out the front rubber and collar out of the stock muffler and use them for your new muffler (picture 1)


step 3:

Remove tap and bolts from the tank and reuse them for the LR-kit tank EXCEPT for the bolts of the fuel tap. Instead use the 2 screws from the kit. (picture 2)


Step 4:

Take original rear frame apart. (picture 3) Reuse 2 of the top screws from the filterbox. You need them for the new radiator shrouds (picture 24, top left)


Step 5:

Re-use almost all bolts and nuts again on their original place.


Step 6:

Mount the radiator braces from the kit (picture 5). Beware that after mounting the radiators are in a slight "V"-form (picture 11) Also notice that the 2 radiator hoses between the left and right radiator are not completly on the end of the pipes, because the radiators are slightly more apart from eachother due to the braces. To prevent damage to the cables, first mount the top left hose clamp. After fastening, twist the clamp, facing down (picture 7)


Step 7:

Slightly bend the 3 lips of each radiator so it suits the braces better (picture 5 and 8 and 9)


Step 8:

Use 2 additional screws from the kit to mount the louvres (picture 10)


Step 9:

Mount the tap. Use the 2 srews from the kit. Re-use the o-ring and the 2 rings (picture 12). Also mount the other parts (pictures 13 and 14)


Step 10:

Adjust the length of the bolt that holds the rubber strap. You might need to cut it. (picture 15) You now can fit the tank to the bike. In case of a 125 you don't need to shorten the fuel line, in case of a 250 you will need to.


Step 11:

Cut the rubber ridge on the stock hose between the carb and the filter box. Watch pictures 16, 17 and 18 and you know what I meen. Be carefull!


Step 12:

Build up the new rear frame from the kit (picture 19) Use a 2010 YZ250f mud flap. Mount the altered stock 2stroke rubber hose to the 4stroke filterbox (picture 20) Bolt the rear frame to the bike (picture 21) using the stock bolts.


Step 13:

Bolt on the muffler (picture 22 and 23)


Step 14:

Put in the 2 rubbers in the inside of the filterbox (picture 24 and 25)


Step 15:

Mount the radiator shrouds using the bolts and bushings from the kit (pictures 26 end 27)


Step 16:

Mount the fenders by using the stock bolts plus 1 from the kit (rear fender, right side) (pictures 28 and 29 and 30)


Step 17:

IF YOU USE THE STOCK TRIPLE CLAMPS ON THE 125: alter the front number plate as shown in pictures 31 and 32, and 33


Step 18:

Use the small bushing instead of the big one (in case of 125) to lower the front number plate (picture 34)


Step 19:

Mount the side panels. Use the buschings from the kit and the stock bolts (picture 35)


Step 20:

Mount the seat. READY! (picture 36)